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    Sosta café in downtown Raleigh

    We had a family party a few weekends ago. It was pretty typical gathering, a twice-yearly, all-in-one occasion where we get all the cousins and aunts and uncles together, eat a lot of food, and celebrate all the birthdays/graduations/momentous life events that occurred since the last fiesta six months ago. It’s a great system, really, for […]

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    Live in the sun

    So. THIS is what it’s like to travel alone. S-O-L-O, independent, strong and fierce and powerful YEAH. That’s me now, isn’t it? At the very least, I can tell you that’s who I’ve always wanted to be. One of those girls who could rock a big, fat, backpack and some ripped, muddy, sneakers better than […]

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  • There and Back Again


    I returned three weeks ago and walked the streets like a ghost. Seen but unrecognized, unclaimed, by the excited and fresh faced groups of new students hurrying down the stone streets, and the small gatherings of animated locals draped leisurely in the doorway of every bar and restaurant. It’s an amazingly free feeling, to wander […]

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  • Why We Go Abroad

    errythang 267_edited-1

    This could be the story of a trip. Very easily, I could record the details of any one of the adventures I’ve embarked on recently, a few days spent in Dublin or a weekend in Geneva, maybe the details of a day-in-the-life Sevillian or my plans for my fast approaching journey home. This could be that […]