Where does the time go? It’s now February, and only twenty-six days remain before my trip to Costa Rica. I’ve written less than I’d have liked, but have done more than I could have imagined since my last post– from trips to Boston to reconnect with friends, to cutting off my hair and getting a tattoo, I’ve been actively trying to make the most of the time I have left in Massachusetts. Even now, I’m beginning to dream a little more tangibly about my plans for after Central America.

I’ve been saying for the past few weeks that this right now is a major transition time, for myself and certainly also for so many others. I feel it as an overwhelming energy coursing in and around me, growing more in strength with every day that passes and every action I take to bring me closer to my goals. To be aware of it is empowering,  but to tap into that energy is the greatest feeling–freeing, grounded, true– and it’s what I’ve been aiming to do.

It’s a feat made infinitely easier when I take pains to surround myself with the people who support and understand my ambitions. Just last weekend, my cousin drove down from Manchester last weekend to visit on a whim. We went out in Boston to an overpriced and overcrowded bar, killed our feet walking to the train in heels at two a.m., then missed the train, laughed about it, and got late night veggie burgers at a falafel joint on Boylston. We made our way home at three in the morning after a rather inspirational drive with our yoga-teaching, life-loving Lyft driver, and woke up the next day surprisingly functional and ready for some local adventuring. We hit all the best area thrift shops, ending our weekend with afternoon mimosas and crepes at a fancy new restaurant.

We’re both travel-lovers (she’s the cousin who will be visiting Costa Rica) and we were equally delighted to spend an entire Sunday poking around the dusty corners of an antique shop. In so many other ways, we are as opposite as night and day– and yet, the differences are muted to nothing more than a little white background noise when it comes to talk of daydreams and purpose. Passionate people, regardless of their dreams, know that energy because they’ve felt it themselves. Over our late afternoon lunch, we talked plans for the next few weeks and plans for the next few years; each of us the attentive listener for the other, understanding beyond the words exactly the energy we shared.

Sometimes, the only encouragement you need is knowledge that you have someone else–anyone else– in your corner. Someone to validate your dreams, to listen and nod at all the right places and remind you that you’re doing okay. It makes the transition periods feel a little less crazy, a little more manageable, and that thrum of energy guiding your actions feel a little easier to harness.

xx Devinne

Lost in Thought

Am I the only one who can’t believe it’s already January 13th? The second week of the month’s almost done and I feel like I’m just now stepping out of the holiday whirlwind and re-orienting myself in the new year. It doesn’t help that my family is notoriously unhurried when it comes to taking down all of our Christmas decorations– I’m actually writing this in the glow of our tree, still decorated, dropping more dried-out pine needles on the floor by the minute.

With the slow return to post-holiday normalcy, it’s safe to say that various other aspects of my life are completing their transition to 2017. I’m decluttering, I’ve almost finished the months-long renovation of my room, I’m taking on new projects at work and have been directing more energy into my personal interests. I’ve been taking lots of photos and writing up a storm, which are both excellent things for a writer & photographer to be doing. I’ve got big ideas for my blog, and will have much more to share on here in the upcoming weeks. It’s a transition period, but an exciting one, and I’m feeling overall much more focused and motivated than I’ve felt in a long time.

That feeling is probably aided by the fact that I’ll be leaving for Costa Rica less than two months from now. Forty-six days, to be exact. It’s the perfect amount of time to accomplish many of the projects I’ll have started before I leave, to get my life organized before I hit the road for a couple of months, and to keep me busy with other work so I can keep my mind off of how slowly those forty-six days are passing.

Of course, in keeping my body so busy with work and chores and projects, my mind has been free to drift and think about all that I have coming in the near future. It’s been a very distracted week, even by my standards. There have been days where I’ve been so lost in thought on the drive home, that suddenly I’ll arrive in my driveway with no memory of the ride I just completed. I’m daydreaming about the rainforest and scheming new plans with every free moment: can I fit another weekend trip in before Costa Rica? What topic should I write my column on this week? Do I want to spend more time on the Pacific coast or the Caribbean?

You should know this about me: when I get excited about something, it’s all I can think about. I’m doodling palm trees on papers at work and browsing Pinterest for beach and jungle photos on break. I’ve been to Costa Rica a handful of times now, always for different reasons and each trip as distinctly memorable from the others as could be. Right now, all that means is that I’ve got great material to base my next six weeks of distractions on– and six weeks to dream about all this latest expedition will hold. I think it goes without saying, but I truly can’t wait to find out.

xx Devinne