Thinking and Feeling

It took a lot longer than I expected. The last time I lived abroad for an extended period of time, my crash came on hard and fast. I wrote this blog post about my slump, aptly titled “the slump”, an early, clumsy attempt at putting to words how it felt to experience culture shock, homesickness, […]


Where does the time go? It’s now February, and only twenty-six days remain before my trip to Costa Rica. I’ve written less than I’d have liked, but have done more than I could have imagined since my last post– from trips to Boston to reconnect with friends, to cutting off my hair and getting a […]

A Better Traveler

Pemigewasset river

I was supposed to be in Europe right now. At least, that’s where I thought I would be on this November 22nd, back when I scribbled all those plans and lists into my journal over the summer. Amidst the doodles in the margins are the remnants of the fall I thought I would be having: Spain […]