Sunny Benches and Morning Coffee

I woke up this morning to sunshine and chirping birds, a pair of them, chattering away happily in the palm tree outside my window. Dressed unhurriedly, soft black leggings and a faded tee, ¬†made my way a sleepy fifty meters down the street to an eight am yoga class. Stretched, breathed, relaxed so much that […]

For My Sister On Her Birthday

Was is 3, 4 weeks ago that you messaged me told me that there BETTER be a post on your birthday? You shouldn’t have worried– I’ve had this bad boy in the works since before that thought ever even crossed your mind. I mean, it was the least I could do to help celebrate this […]


Yesterday, I slept until one in the afternoon. This was after a night where I stayed up past 3 a.m. binge watching New Girl on Netflix… for the third time this week. When I finally managed to drag myself out from the warmth and [relative] comfort of my lumpy-mattressed bed, I rode a weak wave […]